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Facial Treatments

Babor are the beauty pioneers from Germany. Professional treatments individu- ally fine-tuned to your type of skin will make you feel good all round... and the effects will win your acclaim. For you, a sensuous experience; for your skin, the best thing that could ever happen - at the SPA or at home.

BABOR Face Treatment

Babor Face-Treatment this treatment is adapted to match your skin's specific needs 90 Minuten EUR 805,00
Babor Basis Face-Treatment mood and ensure a perfect appearance. Also great to simply freshen up and get in shape. Your skin will thank you for it... 55 Minuten EUR 65,00
BABOR FOR MEN Relax Treatment ...a well-groomed appearance is every man's calling card. Through moisturising treatments your skin will regain its old firmness, removing small creases and lines. 55 Minuten EUR 65,00
BABOR FOR MEN Business Treatment ...small refreshment treatment with anti-stress massage 30 Minuten EUR 40,00

Luxury Face Treatments

HSR-POWER LIFTING - The fountain of youth for your skin ...get your skin back into shape. Cotton fleece soaked in HSR-Lifting essence gives your skin an intensive and lasting smooth effect. 90 Minuten EUR 110,00
Rose Quartz Treatment ...experience an exfoliation with a wonderful rose aroma and a massage that will open up your heart. Gently massaged into your skin, the rose essence will reactivate and rejuvenate your skin. 80 Minuten EUR 90,00