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Traditional Full Massage

Traditional Full Massage Full body massage to loosen up and revitalize your body. 50 Minuten EUR 60,00
Neck Massage . Sport balsam with marmot oil, gentian wort and wild mint loosens up your muscles and reawakens your mobility 20 Minuten EUR 30,00
Traditional Partial Massage Based on special Alpienne-products and aimed soothing the back and neck area relieves tensions in no time 25 Minuten EUR 35,00
Combined Massage Back and leg massage in one. 40 Minuten EUR 50,00
Lymph Drainage A gentle press-and-pump massage, it stimulates free lymph circulation and detoxifies your system with a soothing and calming side-effect. 40 Minuten EUR 55,00
Foot Reflexology Treatment The foot is divided into reflex zones corresponding to all parts of the body, including the inner organs a beautifully relaxing therapeutic massage. 50 Minuten EUR 60,00

Sooting Massage

Honey-Scrub-Massage Full body exfoliation... refines your skin 30 Minuten EUR 45,00
Aroma Oil Massage A relaxing full body massage with selected aromatic oils.Absorbed by the skin, the oil's scent stimulates your mind and nervous system. 50 Minuten EUR 60,00
Wellness Massage Healthy full massage with warm oils followed up by a facial massage: relaxing, calming and great for the skin. 50 Minuten EUR 65,00