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Bagni benessere

Support your body, spirit and soul in recovering their strength. Close your eyes, forget everything around you and simply enjoy being pampered.
Cedar Honey Bath 
relieves aching muscles and smoothens your skin20 minutes EUR 25,00
Hay Flower Bath 
reinforces the immune system20 minutes EUR 25,00
Salt Water Bath 
purifies and stimulates the circulation of blood20 minutes EUR 25,00
Aroma Oil Bath 
Ethereal oils and essential oils make this aroma bath a revitalising experience20 minutes EUR 25,00
Discover a special kind of relaxation treatment! 
To get you started, you will spend a few relaxing moments in our steam room, allowing you to take a deep breath and your body to prepare for the subsequent brush massage. You will then be pampered with a fine soap lather to remove any loose skin particles. Then follows an aromatic bath allowing your body, soul and spirit go completely recover. This pearl relax bath is completed with a gentle massage with soothing oils, invigorating and moisturising your skin.60 minutes EUR 90,00
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