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Trattamenti Corpo

Take a breather and let yourself be pampered for a change...
Hot-Chocolate-Harmony Treatment
The sweetest temptation since the invention of massages!
A cosy, relaxing aroma will make you feel warm and comfortable and give you plenty of joie de vivre. Cocoa is well known for its euphoric and soothing effect on the soul.
60 minutes EUR 80,00
Experience intensive pampering and an invigorating aroma!
The scent of this full body massage will capture your senses. The subsequent acupressure with heated stones will make you feel absolutely relaxed and full of newly-gained energy.
70 minutes EUR 90,00
La Stone 
... an amazing combination of massage, energy work and the soothing effects of hot stones. The massage allows you to build up new energy and vitality while harmonising and strengthening your energy field. Combining massages with ancient wisdom, our hot stone massage is an essential and unique treatment healing body, spirit and soul. An excellent way to gain more harmony and inner balance in your every-day life.80 minutes EUR 95,00
ARRIVO Kalender
Vuoi un colloquio personale? Vi richiameremo al più presto o al momento desiderato.


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